Board of Directors Meeting Information

Next BOD Meeting:
21 May, 2021
A Virtual Meeting on Zoom

BOD Agenda (revised 10 May 2018) pdf (67 kB)
Minutes of Last BOD Meeting (29 May 2020) pdf (130 kB)
Form for Submitting a Motion Word doc (25 kB)
Form for Submitting a Motion pdf (20 kB)


Board of Directors and Officers of MCR
President: Vice President:
Bob Weinheimer
Email: MCR President
Dave Neff
Email: MCR Vice-President
Secretary: Treasurer:
Jerry Doyle
Email: MCR Secretary
Bob McKay
Email: MCR Treasurer
Division 1 Superintendent Division 2 Superintendent
Bob Ashley, Jr.
Email: Division 1 Super
Frank Benders
Email: Division 2 Super
Division 3 Superintendent Division 4 Superintendent
Mark Stiver
Email: Division 3 Super
Lee Sheffield
Email: Division 4 Super
Division 5 Superintendent Division 6 Superintendent
Matt Kross
Email: Division 5 Super
Matt Goodman
Email: Division 6 Super
Division 7 Superintendent Division 8 Superintendent
John Shields
Email: Division 7 Super
Fred Soward
Email: Division 8 Super
Division 9 Superintendent Division 10 Superintendent
Robert Osburn
Email: Division 9 Super
Larry Smith, MMR
Email: Division 10 Super
Division 11 Superintendent Division 12 Superintendent
Rich Kosakowski
Email: Division 11 Super
Brad White
Email: Division 12 Super
Officer’s Roster
Roster of MCR Division Officers pdf (134 kB) [October 2020]
Additional Information
Title Type Change Date
Directors' and Wenderfer Awards (Archive) WEB 21 May 2009
MCR Contest Entry Form (Revised) pdf (766 kB) 12 August 2014
MCR Contest Guidelines pdf (30 kB) 14 August 2008
MCR Regulations (Revised) pdf (197 kB) 29 September 2019
NMRA Liability Insurance Program WEB May 2016

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