Upcoming Mid-Central Region Conventions
Date Convention Name Location Link
28-31 May 2020 Steel City Express Pittsburgh, PA Cancelled WEB
20-23 May 2021 Northern Express Erie, PA (Div. 12) WEB
18-21 May 2022 Indy Junction Indianapolis, IN (MCR, MWR, NCR)
Previous Mid-Central Region Conventions
(Located in MCR Archives)
Date Convention Name Location Link
2017 MCR Convention 2017 Pan American Louisville, KY Archive
2016 MCR Convention Rails to the Capital Dublin, OH Archive
2015 MCR Convention Thoroughbred Limited Lexington, KY No Photos yet
No 2014 MCR Convention NMRA Nation Convention Cleveland, OH No Photos
2013 MCR Convention Operations Dayton 2013 Dayton, Ohio Archive
2012 MCR Convention Highline to Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA Archive
2011 MCR Convention Rails of Ages Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio Archive
2010 MCR Convention Coalfield Express Charleston, WV Archive
2009 MCR Convention The 21st Century Limited (Tracking To The Future) Columbus, Ohio Archive
2007 MCR Convention The South Wind – Contest Winners Louisville, KY Archive
2006 MCR Convention (no photos available) Morgantown, WV  
2005 MCR Convention Contest Winners Ashtabula, OH Archive
2004 MCR Convention Three Rivers Transfer – Contest Winners Pittsburgh, PA Archive
2003 MCR Convention Springdale Express – Contest Winners Cincinnati, OH Archive


NMRA National Conventions
Date Convention Name Location Link
12–18 July 2020 Gateway 2020 St. Louis, Missouri Cancelled WEB
4–10 July 2021 2021 Santa Clara Santa Clara, California
14–21 August 2022 NMRA 2022 Birmingham Burmingham, United kingdom WEB