These links provide you with information about projects sponsored by the Mid-Central Region or the Divisions of the Mid-Central Region.

Mid-Central Region Projects
Project Information Link
Freight House The Mid Central Region, N.M.R.A., Inc. is offering a series of Limited Edition prototype, laser-cut wood building kits. The first offering in this limited production series is a combination baggage/freight building located in South Lebanon, Ohio. New Page
Passenger Shelter The Mid Central Region has for sale, Limited Edition lazar-cut wood kits of a PRR passenger shelter as shown above. The Passenger Shelter wood kits contain two complete buildings. They are available in N, HO, S and O scales. The kits are wood laser cut kits manufactured by Mountaineer Precision Models exclusively for the MCR as a limited production run. New Page
Convention Projects
  Project Information Link
2009, Convention, Columbus, Ohio Engine Crew Locker Room– Lazar-Cut Wood Kit The 2009 Convention Committee elected to offer a building rather than a convention car. We are pleased to offer you a model of a laser cut Engine Crew Locker Room. The prototype building is in Ashtabula, Ohio. This is a limited 2006 Convention Car edition kit and will not be re-run. It is available in N, HO, S and O Scale. You can order you kit for pickup at the convention or have it shipped to you. WEB
2006 Convention Car Morgantown & Kingwood Hopper Car Two prototype numbers are offered; kits come with an Accurail coupon to order additional number decals. pdf
Division Projects
Division Project Information Link
2 Company House Etched porch swings are available from Division 2. Send $2.00 also with a STAMPED, self addressed envelope Division 2, MCR-NMRA, P O Box 152, Greensburg, PA 15601-0152. New Page
2 Market Place Brand name market decals are available from Division 2.  Send $3.00 with a STAMPED, self addressed envelope to Division 2, MCR-NMRA, PO Box 152, Greensburg, PA 15601-0152. pdf
3 V & O Gondola V&O 41' Gondola. This finely detailed Accurail car represents the first ever V&O gondola. There are three different numbers in each color. WEB
4 Box Car Newburgh & South Shore Accurail Box Cars (3 numbers available.) WEB
5 Western Reserve Railroad Reefer Car Division 5, MCR, NMRA is offering a limited run HO and N scale Reefer cars decorated for the Western Reserve Railroad. WEB
5 Maple Sugar House Division 5, MCR, NMRA is offering a Maple Sugar House in 3 scales N, HO, and O. WEB
7 Allegheny Midland steel gondola Allegheny Midland AAR Class GB, 41’- 6” inside-length steel gondolas (Accurail) with fixed ends and solid bottoms. WEB
7 V & O USRA 2-bay hopper Virginian and Ohio USRA 2-bay open hopper, with correct Bettendorf-style trucks, (Accurail) feature the V&O “dog bone” herald. WEB
7 Merchants Dispatch Tranportation Reefer Steel and/or Wooden MDT 40' HO Scale Reefer Car. Four car numbers available. Limited run Merchants Despatch Transportation (MDT) Company prototype, Accurail model. WEB
8 Louisville & Nashville Railroad Tank Car Division 8 of the Mid-Central Region of NMRA, has available an HO scale Louisville & Nashville Railroad 10,000 gallon Tank Car by Athearn. New Page
10 Box Car Division 10, MCR, NMRA, is offering the following box cars. Each car has its own road number, and says "return to Div 10, Lexington, KY. New Page