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Division Projects - Cars
Car Division Scale Information Link
1 N These N-scale ACY cars are Micro-Trains Line body style 33000, 50' boxcar with steel plug doors and sliding door. ACY cars as seen through their sealed plastic wrapping complete with "Factory Air" inside. WEB
6 HO The Buckeye Steel Casting Company Gondola. Buckeye Steel Castings, a Columbus firm and manufacturers of the “Buckeye Trucks” used by many railroads through the years. these are Accurail 300-3700-Series steel gondolas. WEB
7 HO Chesapeake & Ohio (C&O) 40' USRA Single-sheathed Boxcar Kit. Accurail’s HO scale 4300-series model represents these cars well, with the exception of the fish-belly underframe, which can be modified to represent a straight center beam by replacing the kit’s fish-belly underframe side parts with styrene strips or channels, or simply by leaving them off. WEB
5 HO The Fairport, Painesville, & Eastern (FP&E) single door Box Car. WEB
8 HO Custom-painted (black) L&N Athearn single dome 42' tank car kit. Single number only (40911). L&N script lettering in yellow. WEB
5 N The Newburgh & South Shore (NS & S) is a prototype N scale hopper car. This two-bay, offset side hopper is the same car that was available as the "convention car" at the recent NMRA National Convention in Cleveland----without any convention logo, so it will look perfectly at home on your layout and in your hopper fleet! Produced by Atlas. WEB
4 HO New York Central MDT 40' steel reefer. White with blue and red sill stripes. Cars were originally marketed by Division 7 we now have the remaining inventory. WEB
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4 HO New York Central MDT 40' wood reefer. White with blue and red sill stripes. Cars were originally marketed by Division 7 we now have the remaining inventory. WEB
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7 HO The Miami Valley Railroad, a subsidiary of the Virginian & Ohio, ordered 50 boxcars from American Car and Foundry. The cars were delivered with MVR reporting marks. The V&O also ordered 34 of these cars, which were delivered in V&O livery and carried V&O reporting marks. Manufactured in the USA by Accurail, these Limited Edition HO Scale Car Kits were designed by W. Allen McClelland and produced with his permission. Four different cars are offered: Red MVR #109 dated 1923, Red V&O #3352 dated 1923, Red V&O #3357 dated 1940, and Gray V&O MOW #435 WEB
7 HO The Virginian & Ohio (V&O) was able to obtain cars from AC&F. These 40’ steel boxcars were built in August of 1951, and were numbered 3842 through 3869. They were fitted with 8’-6” wide by 9’-10” high plug doors and damage-free loaders (DF-2), classified XML, and assigned for “Paper Lading Only.” Accurail’s 3100-series steel plug-door boxcars represent both these cars well. The kits come with Bettendorf-style trucks, Ajax brake wheel, AB brakes and Accumate couplers. WEB
3 HO Virginian & Ohio (V&O) Steel Reefer, HO Scale 40' steel reefer by Accurail. WEB
3 HO Virginian & Ohio (V&O) Wood Reefer, HO Scale 40' wood reefer by Accurail. WEB
5 HO-N This car is the first in a series of cars planned for the fictional Western Reserve Railroad. The N-Scale cars are available now. Sorry the HO scale car is Sold Out. WEB