Click here for a complete listing of the Railroading Merit Badge. The information below will help you meet requirements 1 and 2. Words underlined in blue are links to pages that will help you complete that item.

Railroading Merit Badge

  1. Do two of the following:
    1. Name the scale and track gauge for four model railroad gauges. Show the correct way to clean and lubricate model trainequipment.
    2. Draw to scale the layout of your own model railroad or one that could be built in your home. Have point-to-point or loop with different routings. Include a turnaround, a terminal, or a yard and a siding.
    3. Alone or with others, build a model railroad layout to include ballast and scenery. Make connections from the power supply to the track and accessories, if any.
    4. Build a scale model of a locomotive (with or without power) or make two cars (Kits with extra detail may be used.)
    5. Draw scale plans and build two accessories.
  2. Do the following:
    1. Explain how real electric and diesel locomotives develop power.
    2. Identify by model or picture six different kinds of railroad cars.
    3. Show two basic signals used either by color or configurations. Explain the meaning of five whistle signals. Describe an emergency way to signal a train to stop.